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“I used to walk down the street like I was a fucking star… I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be - and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.” 

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I have the same ring. Use to wear it every day for almost five or six years

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David Gorensteyn | Miguel Mor | Eliran Nargassi SS14


As a kid I grew up with cartoons and Pokémon was definitely my favourite show. So when a friend of mine saw a poster for the exhibition: “Japan, Kingdom of Characters” in our hometown Leiden we knew what to do this past weekend. Held in the SieboldHuis, this retrospective showcased anima characters from the 1950’s till now. From Power Rangers and Tamagochi to Hello Kitty and of course Pikachu. Even the bedroom of an average Japanese teenage girl was recreated where everything was Hello Kitty. But the highlight was a couple of costumes so you can look like one of your favourite characters. A friend of mine took the Pikachu outfit, so the only option for me was Hello Kitty. When you’re in Leiden and you want go to a small and fun exhibition, you really need to check out the exhibition (till the 31st of August) at the SieboldHuis.

- Wouter

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Yesterday I traveled to The Hague to see the graduation exhibition of The Royal Academy of Art (KABK). We are always curious for new talent, so checking out the work of the fresh graduates is something we do every year. The Photography department as well as the Graphic Design department surprised with high quality projects. Also, the fashion menswear collections were strong. Great to see the materials and color techniques of Bastian Visch from up close. 

- Flore

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Last Friday was a good start of the weekend. With the opening of not one, but two photography exhibitions. Ruby and I first went to A Matter of Movement at the agency Witman Kleipool. The one-day exhibition featured the work of the agency’s seven photographers, Bart Oomes, Jouke Bos, Maarten Kools, Marc de Groot, Mick de Lint, Ruud Baan and Valentina Vos, and was inspired by the Fifa World Cup in Brazil and the theme movement.


Thanks to the mild summer weather, live Spanish music and freshly made mojito’s it was a relaxing start of the night. It was also nice to catch up with Ruud Baan en Marc de Groot, who both shot a series for an upcoming project. Of course we’ll keep you updated about that.


Eventually it was time to go to Felix &Foam at the Keizersgracht. After two months Felix &Foam (where I first wrote about HERE) opened their second exhibition; Spotlight – 5 years of talent. An overview exhibition of young photographers who were featured in the talent issue of Foam Magazine. With work selected from over five years and 7000 portfolios the exhibition gives a good impression of international photography trends and developments. After a while it was time to call it a night (and we also still had to eat). It was a good and inspiring kick off of the weekend.


- Wouter